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Holy Land

Visiting the Holy Land is a dream come true for most Christians. To be able to walk in Jesus’ footsteps and pray where Jesus prayed is awe inspiring as well as easy – it’s less than a five-hour flight away. 

Israel is the Holy Land; a country where you will be able to see the bible come to life as you take a tour through the scriptures. 

HERITAGE TOURS is an Incoming and Outgoing Wholesale Tour Operator based in Israel.
 The company was established in 1933 and since then, we offer a wide range of tourist services such as tour packages, hotels reservations, car rental etc, in Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and Greece.
We are proud to present to you our products and offer tailor made programs according to your specification and requirements, for individual and groups.
HERITAGE TOURS travel services have an excellent reputation, due to its reliable, dedicated and professional staff who make sure that it’s clients will get the required high standards services always on time.
We look forward to welcoming you in the Holy land and being of service to you.

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